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. 65. 70 in livermore now. another view here at abc 7, readings 67 in santa rosa and 71 at gilroy. first forecast looks like this, this he can evening, mainly clear skies with thin, 50-58. chilly inland. thin clouds will have thickened overnight. tomorrow, mild to mainly sunny conditions. guess what? there is rain on the way. th[k8y pattern is about to chane that. is coming up a little later. >> we'll see you shortly. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the pope's final farewell in his last public appearance. >> caught on video. a man trying to break into homes in the east bay. strategies police are using to try to stop him. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live a little later. >> let's take a look at the afternoon commute this, is san francisco skyway downtown. it's bumper to bumper crawl left to right to the lower deck of the bay bridge. somewhat smoother towards 101 >>> catholics crowded into st. peter's square to receive the last public blessing from pope benedict the 16th. the leader of the catholic church will of
. this could pose a threat. low temperatures tonight into mid-30s. low to mid-30s in places like santa rosa and napa. right around the bay we'll see upper 30s to low 40s, cool in spots, chilly in others. satellite shows big high pressure ridge which is still forming a blocking pattern. strong ridge lifting jet stream well north. there are no weather he disturbances headed our way. take a look at clouds streaming up into our direction. so we'll have more filtered sunshine throughout the weekend gchl news is that it will be dry, and mild with highs into south bay mainly into mid-60s. 65 in cupertino. and san jose. peninsula, low to mid-60s. 64 in pal yes alto. cooler on the coast tomorrow. highs of only 59 in pacifica. 60s in half moon bay. downtown just 61 tomorrow, we've had mid-60s much of the week. 60s in the sunset district. mid-60s, 64 santa rosa. east bay highs of 61 in oaklandñdv, 2 and low 60s near the bay. coastal locations cooler tomorrow. but milder inland. declining air quality, mild, though. it will be mild on sunday. with improving air quality. all hearts will be with niners a
. another view from our camera showing clear skies and more readings. 64 degrees in santa rosa. 69 in napa and fairfield. taking a look at the temperatures trend over the next week for san jose, representative of what much of the bay area will see over next week. upper 60s, mid-70s by friday. back down to a mere 70 degrees on saturday. and then, mid to upper 60s next several days headed into next week this, is the kind of week we have in store. but we still may get a little bit of rain into mid week. we can see a wrinkle developing. i'll show you that in the accu-weather forecast. >> still ahead at 4:00 lesson learned. a florida teenager flipped off a judge appears to have straight yend up her act. >> fans of the who get to go to a concert paid for three decades ago. >> 49ers stadium going to be solar powered but it zrnt a roof. where are they going to put solar panels? we'll answer that question and several others still to come on abc 7 news. >> it's a good question. let's take a look at the commute now. a live look at the skyway in downtown. it's normal crawl bumper to bumper left to rig
, 62 degrees now in jant rosa. 60s in napa. and let's go on to our forecast features, we'll see clear skies this evening. will be on the cool side. temperatures evening hours ranging from 44 to 52. tomorrow morning cold in spots. inland there may be frost. by afternoon, sunny, mild again, highs from mid to upper 50s on the coast, mid-60s inland. we've got a great day coming up and great days to follow. larry? carolyn? >> thank you. >> just hours after her accused killer appeared in a courtroom, teenager janelle conway allen was laid to rest today in a quiet service on a grassy hillside. >> about 100 people attended this service here at the cemetery, mourners urged to remember the smiling happy teenager and all she meant to her family and friends. there was very little mentioned of how she died. >> full of so much energy. you though? just wanted everybody to be happy. >> the sister of the 13-year-old genelle conway allen tells us she will be her family and friends. >> she'll be like calm down, it's all good. matter what. i'm going to always be here. >> in a solemn service genelle was l
@qvy temperatures climbing into mid-60s next week. lows dropping to 29 in santa rosa. 30s in fairfield. low 30s inland east bay. upper 30s to near 40s around the bay. chilly to cold across the bay area, satellite shows a storm system bringing us yesterday's showers now down into southern california. high pressure is now building into n.to replace that storm system. another cold dry flow of air produced by circulation around this area of low pressure to our southeast this, area to our northwest. jet stream this morning down over the bay area as well. dry pattern holding through next week. the ridge of high pressure asserts itself. tomorrow, looking for sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures into upper 50s. on the peninsula, lots of upper 50s as well. and low to mid-50s on coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, topping out at 56 to go degrees tomorrow. 54 in the sunset district. north bay upper 50s and 60s in santa rosa. near east bay highs, 60s in oakland. 58 in san leeand dro. inland east bay highs into upper 50s rgw 59 in koompk yord and fairfield. 58 in danville
in the north bay valleys. 71 santa rosa. 74 clover dale. near east bay highs mainly low 70s. 72 in fremont. and down near monterey bay, low to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast we'll have a same pattern on saturday. mild highs into many locations in low 70s. monday, partly cloudy skies, president's day. then, rain arriving tuesday back to our old wet winter pattern. we do need it. >> it is winter. >> yes. >> there is a nice break. >> yes. thank you very much. >> happening now we want to take you back live to pictures of the stranded ship try jump. >> it's been at sea for a week now. a fire left the ship powerless. roughly 4,000 passengers described dirty conditions on board. sewage everywhere. it's been a horrible ordeal for them. >> this is where it will be docking in mobile, alabama. there is no estimated time of arrival at this point but several delays today. we'll continue to monitor this situation. in this newscast and on abc 7 news.com. >> i can't imagine how desperate they are to get back to shore. they'll probably swim. >> i think they would. >> ordinary people do extraord
from santa rosa to salinas. however, researchers say they need to factor in pollution at higher levels. >> things like mountains so we need to take a look at what can be mixed down and influence it further it is hoped a long term study will help with pollution. >> that may help us determine what we'll need to do to regular yoout you'll yait certain pollution. >> today marks only the beginning of the research into bay area air pollution. satellites will be going up as well as david louie, abc 7 news. >> february is national children dental health month. tomorrow is give kids a smile day. dent yichts will be participating and giving free services to low income children ages 1-18 from free oral exams to cleanings and fluoride treatments. families must call to make an appointment. space is limited but go to our web site abc 7 news.com and look under see it on tv to find out how you can register, thanks for joining us for abc 7?ó""tuz at 4:00. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> health department reopens a local deli where workers not the food make people sick. >> live from the roof it's
's partly cloudy and mainly sunny skies. 57 across the bay in oakland. 60 degrees up north in santa rosa. this is the forecast it will be chilly, not cold, though. patchy fog may form in the north bay valleys, temperatures about 40 to 50 degrees and lows dropping into mid-30s in some locations in the north bay valleys. a pleasant day, mainly sunny skies, thin, high clouds above. temperatures ranging from mid-50s to about 60s, then changes on thursday, i'll give you a look at that later in the accu-weather forecast. >> still ahead california joins a massive effort to assign blame in the mortgage crisis. >> pakistan's plans to boost tourism in the town where osama bin laden was killed. coming up, new at 4:30. >> good news out of silicon valley. job growth and income are their best since the recession. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live just a little bit later. >> and let's take a look outside on tuesday traffic. the commute gets underway in earnest. you can see from the skyway looking busy getting on to the bay bridge. it's slo
and into marin county. so wet weather developing right now santa rosa moving towards novato we're going to get more shower activity as tomorrow looking at all kinds of weather conditions in the northeast. through the mid section, sunny, mild and dri. there is snow across the great basin. a look at closer conditions here in california. we'll see a wide range from drig out up north to showers moving down into southern california. to snow over in the central sierra. and here is in the bay area tomorrow, after maybe a showery start into morning hours we'll see partly sunny skies by afternoon. not going to get very mild but will get dry. highs only into low to mid-50s. milder weather over the weekend0:x.2a >> quite a night here, spencer. >> it's called winter. >> yes. >> that is what sit. q-ú goes gangnam style and a girl sends hello kitty into space. >> thank you.o7uwz a look at the day's hottest videos blowing up on the tubes. there is a 12-year-old launching her hello kitty doll she got inspired after seeing a weather balloon launch and created her own version. all told it took a month of plan
in the sunset district. up in the north bay, 68 in santa rosa. east bay, 69 in oakland. 70 castro valley. highs near 70 degrees in all locations. nearÑ?ímy monterey bay, 73 in salinas. here is the accu-weather here is the accu-weather forecast.q cool down sunday and pleasant cooler still on monday. it's president's i day with clouds in the sky. cold system arrives overnight into tuesday. tuesday going to be a wet day, rain, showers, then unsettled weather for the week. >> thank you spencer. >> yes for now. right? >> we still have the weekend. >> yes. yes. >> up next star wars news. the actor making a come back in a new trilgology in a galaxy far, far away. >> a special delivery for a mother that couldn't wait for snow plows. what her husband >>> tiff fanny and company is suing costco claiming it sold falsely labeled jewelry labeled as tiffanny jewelry saying customers informed them she was disappointed she saw tiff fanny rings in a costco store in huntington beach. >> to star wars fans there is only one han solo. ' agreed to play the figure in star wars 7. the 70-year-old and not confirmed an
from this perspective. 48 degrees in santa rosa. 48 conk yorkd los gatos, 44. forecast features, showers ending. that pattern continues during evening hours. snow is falling above 2000 feet. >>> well, duchess kate made her first public appearance but it's what people don't see that has everybody talking. >> she attended a charity event in london this morning. royal watchers were excited to see the babe eye bump. -- baby bump. the royal baby isn't due until july, still plenty of time. >> yes. >> a texas woman celebrated valentine's day by giving birth to two sets of identical twin boy autos this isaápq rem k remarkable. odds are 70 million to one. the 36-year-old delivered four boys at 31 weeks in a houston hospital they're not quadruplets because two boys shared one placenta, other two shared another. she chose a unique way to name the boys starting with a. >> our 2-year-old boy we thought let's get a vegas theme going on. we decided to go with6m& ace, blaine, cash and dylan. >> easier to remember that way. abcd. >> she did not use fertility drugs just hoping for a brother or
. another live view looking down towards ocean beach. under clear skies it's 60 degrees now in santa rosa. first forecast this evening, clear skies and chilly. temperatures from 44 to 52. there may be frost in early morning hours, lows from 30 degrees to 42. by afternoon, sunny skies and mild with highs from mid-50s at the coast to low 60s inland. i'll give you a look at how long this mild, dry stretch >> thank you. >> crews have"zb6ñ capped a watr line in san francisco. gallons rushed down to mason in north beach. officials say cold weather was part of the rob problem. >> 1925 pipe just probably broke through to age.iiji normally in cold weather we get more water main breaks due to the cold and the age of the pipe autos the owner had things cleaned up in time to open forgh)ft business. inspectors checked to make sure it had not clogged the line this happened near 24th and bryant in the mission district. sky 7 flew over the scene crews worked to cap the lines. a contractor doing excavation work as part of a project dropped a rock where those three lines come together causing the break.
skies with whis bey clouds. temperatures 60 in santa rosa. first forecast this evening, going to be clear but clouds will thicken overnight so. partly cloudy skies overnight with a slight chance of showers in the wee hours of the morning but we'll have sunny, breezy afternoon. mild condition was highs climbing into low 60s into warmest locations. larry and carolyn? >> thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 forget implosion there's is a way to demolish buildings without explosives and a wrecking ball. >> authorities blow up a backpack though the owner came forward to claim it michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live a little later, you can contact michael on facebook.com/michael finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney approaching 4:11 first check of the traffic this is a live look of the skyway trying to head to the east way. -- bay this, is the oncoming traffic going on the lower deck of the bay bridge. better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. stay with us. more still to come >>> fda approved a form of the new breast cancer dr
towards ocean beach, clear skies. it's 66 in santa rosa now. 63 in gilroy. here is a look at the first forecast. clear skies, cool conditions, pleasantly cool. temperatures mid evening hours from mid 40s to mid-50s. will be chilly early tomorrow morning. by afternoon, upper 60s and we're going to see higher temperatures later on in the week. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> that is looking good there. >> makeover of the water front continues. >> yes. take a look this new building will be the home of the new cruise ship terminal. workers busy putting finishing touches on today there. is a ceremony to officially open the funnel. the terminal will be used by teams competing in the america's cup. cruise ships will arrive in the spring. >> still ahead at 4:00 captain kirk of the original star trek is part of an out of this world mission. >> bay area students want to bring a new kind of ice skate together olympic autos world talking about michelle obama's purr price cameo. wait until you can see how they're looking at it in another count try and michael finney taking your qu
, temperatures beginning to drop right now. it's 161, however at santa rosa. these are the forecast features turning cloudy overnight. showers arriving tomorrow, there is a chance of thundershowers friday morning just a chance. beach hazard statement has been issued from tomorrow morning to saturday morning. an approaching frontal system is the big weather changer that will also bring us showers. there will be scattered showers already. then later into morning hours, we'll see more organized area of shower activity. mainly up north and along the coastline. later into afternoon swinging through south bay and into the peninsula. that wave may bring with it with cold air some thundersto,ç friday morning. and maybe some snow and other peaks. cold air is going to be the big change. we should be mainly dry and looking at rainfall totals about a quarter to half an inch. into central seera, winter weather advisory is in effect 10:00 friday morning and bay area, becoming mostly cloudy overnight, chilly with lows dropping into 30s. tomorrow,'s highs reaching low to mid-50s for the most part. showers
in locations we'll see lows down to about 34 in santa rosa, 35 in napa. 37 livermore, 35 in vallejo. 36 concord, and then, up to about 40 in locations around the bay shore line, then, tomorrow, under sunny skies temperatures continuing to rise gradually as i pointed out, mid-60s in our inland areas and around the bay look for highs of 60s in san francisco. 62 oakland. and farther south, mid-60s will be the rule in locations near monterey bay. 64 in watsonville. 66 salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday, a gorgeous day. mid-60s on the coast up to about 70 degrees into warmest locations on friday. holding into that range on saturday, starting to cool down on sunday. monday, it's president's day by tuesday, our first chance of rain falling in sometime. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up big mardi gras celebrations underway in new orleans. >> new at 4:30 remarkable full court shot during this high school girl's basketball game. >>> we take you live to an lap r lapd press conference. >> so were they aware it might have been dorner? >> that information was made aware to the deputy that
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